Dale Crover - Wood & Diamonds

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Dale Crover - Wood & Diamonds Diamond-Shaped 5" - released November 18, 2022

Three Diamond-Shaped 5" singles - Joyful Noise Recordings JNR427 edit. 127 - lathe-cut

Track Listing

  • Black Diamond
  1. Bad Move
  • White Diamond
  1. I'll Never Say
  • Clear Diamond
  1. Shark Like Overbite



A new highly artful release from the legendary Dale Crover. Originally recorded for a live Melvins broadcast, this release features live Dale Crover Band members Steven McDonald, Toshi Kasai, and Mindee Jogensen. Cut on three 5" lathe-cuts, packaged with custom wooden, laser-etched artwork. Limited to just 127 copies. Lathe cutting by Mike Dixon. Wooden artwork designed by Zach Petersen. Laser etching design by Ryan Hover.

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