December 17, 2000

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Los Angeles, CA - The Knitting Factory

Show Lineup



Pictures courtesy of Steve




Mike Patton + others came out, fiddled with their equip., and soon Patton took to the mic. The Band took to their greetings..and they began to perform: Sacrifice! It was great. Lombardo started out by playing on the bongo drums, and Patton + Buzz sang together. Beautiful! After Sacrifice, they broke into a Fantomas song, and eventually began playing Night Goat. By now the smell of Beer was strong, the smell of marijuana was even stronger. One guy, who looked like Tom Arraya, + seemed to be a friend of Dave Lombardo, started to blow smoke towards Lombardo..Dave just started laughing when the smoke hit him. After Night Goat, they played more Fantomas songs, and then they broke into what I think is a Melvins song..(contains the lyrics 'I've got my hold on Me'). They then played: -Fantomas song -the Bit (as Buzzo sang, Mike screamed like a wild banshee; it was great) -Fantomas song -Lovely Butterfly -Fantomas song -Grin (?) (I'm not sure of this, I dont have honky, the lyrics went..'the world needs now, and anyway..;it's a mellow/slow song) -Fantomas song - Hooch (with Patton on vocal duties) -Fantomas song -Buzzo sang a song with the lyrics 'Shiny Shinies'..don't know the name of the song.. -Fantomas song -Skin Horse (the second part..) (Patton sang the high pitched part with a voice synthesizer, and Buzzo harmonized a lower part) -Patton sang, I believe a Fantomas song, where he begins 'Be-Bop...' somewhat mellow song, unlike the other songs this one contains words..*shrug* -AMAZON and then Patton said something along the lines..'you came for Fantomas, and you got extra coverage' pointing to the FMBBand.. Encore- Let it all Be I swear I heard parts of 'Soup' in there, just not sure where..Dave Stone was there, and during one song it appeared like he took a mic cord, stretched it across the stage, and began to 'whip' it. I'm not sure what the other end was plugged in to, but with each 'whip', you could hear a form of feedback. Hadn't seen that before. It was an AMAZING show..if you get a chance, definitely see them in San Francisco. - Steve