Hate The Police/Symptom Of The Universe

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Bootleg Split w/ Mudhoney 7" black wax

  1. - US: PA 001;
  2. - US(?): ???


A: Hate The Police - Mudhoney (live cover of Dicks)

B: Symptom Of The Universe - Melvins (early studio demo cover of Black Sabbath)


From the Unofficial Mudhoney Homepage: http://www.unofficial-mudhoney.com/

  • Two different versions of this item surfaced so far.
  • The first one, limited to 100 copies only, is probably one of the weirdest bootlegs ever put together. The record is packaged in a manilla envelope with thick papers glued on either side: one side lists the bands and tracks and has a scribbled picture of a man with a knife, saying "I have a knife!", and the other has a face that looks a bit like the Incredible Hulk, yelling "I'll kill you" at a little boy (who also appears to be yelling). Inside the envelope is a Japanese porno magazine and the 7" record. The picture sleeve of the record itself is black and white and makes the "I like the sprite in you" cover look tame, showing some very dirty shots involving dogs and other nasty stuff. Every copy is hand numbered with a blue pen.
  • The other version is limited to 500 copies, hand numbered with a red pen; some copies (probably the first 250) come in a white picture sleeve, with classic promo band snapshots on each side, while the others have a pink sleeve featuring a photo of a heavily tattooed naked man.
  • The record, same for all versions, is on black vinyl with yellow labels: on one side there is a vampire face with mouth open, while the other has a drawing of a wimpy guy standing over the prostrate body of someone who might look a bit like Saddam Hussein. In bold letters it says: "Make'em bleed and suffer...", and below the drawing, "For their crimes! Even a 110-pound wimp could put down a Zulu chief with the Urban Skinner. Just think what a strong well-coordinated person like you could do. Skinner in your fist you could make a crowd of hugger/mugger/pimpo thieves look like they've been through a Bologna slicer!".


King Buzzo - Guitar

Lorax or Matt Lukin (?) - Bass

Dale Crover - Drums

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