Interstellar Overdrive EP

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Interstellar Overdrive EP - released 1996

Track List

A: Interstellar Overdrive - (Pink Floyd cover)

B: Bar-X-The Rocking M / Tipping The Lion B


King Buzzo - Guitar, Vocals

Mark Deutrom - Bass

Dale - Drums

Mac Mann - Organ/Piano

GGGarth - Producer / Engineer

Joe Baressi - Producer / Engineer


Special Thanks: Everyone In The Entire World

Interstellar Overdrive and Tipping The Lion B were outtakes from Stag and later re-released on the Electroretard album on Man's Ruin Records.

Mac Mann is a member of the Get Hustle, a band that Buzz's wife Mackie was once in along with David Scott Stone.

"Bar X" is the same version as on Stag, "Tipping the Lion B" is different than the version on Stag.

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