King Buzzo - Six Pack

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King Buzzo: Six Pack 12"/CD - released March 13, 2020

Cover by HAZE XXL

  • 12" Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 133 edit. 500
  • 100 Olive Drab vinyl with Transparent Red Pinwheel - Red and Metallic Gold sleeve (Scheisse Lite Edition)
  • 100 Black vinyl - Flat Gray sleeve (Scheisse Brau Boch Edition)
  • 100 Marbled Opaque Cream vinyl - Blue and Gold sleeve (Scheisse Brau Creamy Ale Edition)
  • 200 Translucent Beer vinyl with White Splatters - Red and Metallic Silver sleeve (Scheisse Brau Tour Ale Edition)

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Six Pack (Greg Ginn)
  2. Power of Life
  3. Science in Modern America
  • Side B
  1. Mock She
  2. Into the 1970s
  3. Drug Trip


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