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Lysol was released in 1992 on Boner Records. Edition of 5000.

It is also known as Self Titled or Melvins. Initial print runs of the album had "Lysol" printed down the side on the cover and on the spine. When Boner Records became aware of the registered trademark infringement and were denied permission to use it, black tape and ink were used to cover the name. A small number in the United States (approx. 50) escaped the process with no sticker or ink. Later editions were printed without the word "Lysol" appearing at all.

The cover painting is based on a sculpture by Cyrus Edwin Dallin named "Appeal to the Great Spirit".

Cover versions;

  • LP
    • Boner Records BR35-1/Tupelo Recording Company TUP42-1
  • CD
    • Boner Records BR35-2/Tupelo Recording Company TUP42-2
  • Cassette
    • Boner Records BR35/Tupelo Recording Company TUP42

Track listing

The CD version has all the songs in one track

  1. "Untitled" – 31:23
    1. "Hung Bunny" – 10:42
    2. "Roman Dog Bird" – 7:38
    3. "Sacrifice" (Flipper) – 6:07
    4. "Second Coming" (Cooper) – 1:14
    5. "Ballad Of Dwight Fry" (Bruce/Cooper) – 3:11
    6. "With Teeth" – 2:25


  • Jonathan Burnside - Engineer

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