March 29, 2001

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London, England - Mean Fiddler

Show Lineup



Thanks to Steven Astley


  1. Instrumental intro (Colossus?)
  2. Eye Flys
  3. Lovely Butterfly
  4. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  5. Halo Of Flies
  6. At The Stake
  7. Let It All Be
  8. amazon
  10. Cherub
  11. The Bit
  12. Night Goat
  13. With Teeth
  14. Youth Of America
  15. Hung Bunny/Roman Dog Bird



They played at a venue called the Mean Fiddler, there were HUNDREDS of people there, I've never seen so many people at a Melvins gig before (the last time they played in London there were only a hundred or so people at the gig). There was no support group so everyone was there to see Buzzo and co. The whole thing lasted just over an hour and a half and not one word was spoken by anyone on stage. The band were wearing their dresses and Dale's had his hair cut and died dark since I last saw them. The presence of this Dave guy seems to have freed Buzzo up to do some theatrics, which I'm not too crazy about, but looking back on the gig now I think it's probably the best out of the nine times I've seen them. Highlights for me included "At The Stake" and Dale standing on his drumstool at the end of "With Teeth" and replacing the final "WAAAA" with a rendition of the Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post". The cover of Alice Cooper's "Halo Of Flies" was damned near perfect too. They had shirts, stickers and posters on sale. The posters had the picture from the cover of Electro Retard on them with the European Tour dates underneath.