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Melvins/Flipper: Hot Fish 10"/CD - released June 9, 2019

Cover by HAZE XXL

  • 10" Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 127 edit. 600
  • 200 Clear with Black and Red Splatters - Dark Red sleeve (Piranha Splatter Edition)
  • 200 Clear/Red Pinwheel - Flourescent Red sleeve (Fukushima Sushi Edition)
  • 200 Clear with Bloody Red Blob - Classic Red sleeve (Blood in the Water Edition)
  • 30 Clear/Red Pinwheel - Yellow sleeve (Sold at the Inky Psyops & Printed Schemes Art Show on January 17th, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.)

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Melvins with Flipper - Hot Fish
  2. Melvins with Flipper - Sacrifice
  • B Side
  1. Melvins - Flipper Blues (Flipper)
  2. Melvins - I Saw You Shine (Flipper)



Collision of titans. SF punk stalwarts FLIPPER join forces with long standing underground kingpins MELVINS, creating a NEW Flipper song "Hot Fish"! Steve DePace, Ted Falconi, King Buzzo, Dale and Trevor Dunn hit the sludge front creating this new song for the 4 song 10" EP of the same name. Cover design and linocut HAZE XXL

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