October 01, 2004

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Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall

Show Lineup



  1. Let It All Be (great song).
  2. Tipping The Lion (awesome live).
  3. Hold Your Hand (demented and crushing Beatles cover).
  4. Queen (classic).
  5. Bar X...(great version with Dale and Kevin mimicking the trumpet parts).
  6. Toadie Acceleratio (a heavier version of this song).
  7. The Fool, The Meddling Idiot (I just closed my eyes and became absorbed by the slow molasses throb of this awesome rendition).
  8. Bloated Pope (need I say more)?
  9. Pigs Of The Roman Empire (The live sound of Buzz's guitar on this shortened version is chilling).
  10. Safety Third (Heavy and crushing).
  11. Bloat (This was one of the songs where Kevin wasn't playing at different points, which on this song was quite obvious since it is such a bass intensive track).
  12. Night Goat (another classic and crowd pleaser, very heavy).
  13. Lovely Butterfly (very raw and blistering).
  14. Black Stooges (great closer and an opportunity for Dale to flail).



Well, I am glad that I got to see my favorite heavy band twice on this tour. As always they put on a great show. For me, it was alot better this time, as opposed to when I saw them in Indianapolis. Headliners is a more roomier and better club so I didn't have to deal with any potential moronic moshing. For the most part the audience kept their cool until Buzz and the guys busted out with Night Goat. I quite possibly had the best spot to watch them. I was at the left corner of the stage right by the steps leading up to the stage. Next to steps was this big monitor speaker that I sat atop of above the crowd and was maybe 3 feet from Buzz; just watching him bludgeoning his guitar and feeling the bass from Dale's kick drum. Kevin, on the other hand, must of had some Kentucky rotgut or something; because he was stumbling and falling down quite a bit and sometimes would not even be playing. He also was deep throating his microphone at different occasions. It didn't look like he was just putting on a show, because Buzz kept looking over at him when he couldn't hear him playing. Out of all the bass players the Melvins have had through the years, this guy just strikes me the wrong way. It's not his bass playing; it's his personality at the shows that get on my nerves. Is this dude gay or something? Anyway, the show was great and one of the roadies who remembered me from the Indianapolis show gave me their setlist for the evening so I could post it for you guys. - Joe Deutrom

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