October 09, 1996

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Vancouver, B.C. - Graceland

Show Lineup

  • Melvins



Pictures taken by Ed Schuld from dropd.com


  1. untitled
  2. At the Stake
  3. Roadbull
  4. Revolve
  5. Queen
  6. Sweet Willy Rollbar
  7. Shevil
  8. Cottonmouth


The Melvins played three sets for this show, The first set Buzz was on bass and Mark was on guitar.


The first set started with Deutrom's single ringing note on guitar and built into Buzz channelling Mike Watt as he pounded and

throttled barrage after barrage of spastic bass chords and thunderous runs.

Near the end of the first short set they played an incendiary jam which may or may not have been a fractured "Back Door Man" that flat out rocked.

The Melvins opened the second set with "At the Stake," with Buzz playing guitar and Deutrom playing bass, everything as it should be.

Buzz loomed large over the crowd, looking every bit the dinosaur rock god with his Hawaiian shirt and hair by Proctor-Silex.

Much of what was happening focused on songs from Stoner Witch.

They played an amazing "Roadbull" which had the punters in the pit careening around like pinballs.

Lots of people were whistling along with Crover's military drums rolls at the end.

I'm not used to seeing Buzz's head singing "Revolve" while still attached to his body, as it wasn't in the video, but it was intense.

Deutrom played some really funky low-end bass all over the closing coda.

The band also played teeth-jarring renditions of "Queen," "Sweet Willy Rollbar," "Goose Freight Train,"

and at one point in the middle of either "Magic Pig Detective" or "Shevil," the band suddenly froze for about 5 minutes

whils waves of feedback rose to helicopter peak intensity.

This stopped the pit cold as everybody stared at the stage with something resembling awe.

They might have played things off Houdini or Lysol; it's hard to tell when you listen to a Melvins' album.

It's a full listening experience where titles are secondary and songs and riffs and even sets blur into each other.

At one point, Crover played acoustic guitar and bass drum going during "Cottonmouth" from Stag.

There was no between song patter and Deutrom's facial expression alternated between poker face and very slightly grinning.