Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More/I Dreamed, I Dream

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7" single on Boner Records BR21

  • edit. 700 of various colors: clear, clear blues, greens, reds and oranges of various shades; grey, peach, blue and yellow/green marble. Boner asked the pressing plant to create as many different colors as possible, but not black!

12" single on Tupelo Records TUP10

edit. 2000 on clear green or green/black swirled vinyl.


Track Listing

A: Melvins - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Mudhoney Cover)

B: Steel Pole Bath Tub - I Dreamed I Dream (Sonic Youth Cover)


Buzz - Guitar

Lorax - Bass

Dale - Drums


Some people say that the cover of this single is a diss on former bassist Matt Lukin's new band Mudhoney whom they are covering.

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