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Recorded May 01, 2003 in Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater.

from : The Best way to start off '08: the mighty Melvins live in '03!! Buzz, Dale, and Kevin, recorded by their longtime soundman, Kurt Schlegel, in Los Angeles, CA, at the beginning of their Spring 2003 US tour with Tomahawk.

Song list: At A Crawl, Black Stooges, Night Goat, Revolve/Brain Center At Whipples, Let It All Be, Hooch, Mombius Hibatchi, The Bloat, The Bit.

Mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Sunn, ASVA, Boris). Cover art by Alison Elizabeth Taylor.

Edition 500x copies, shades of pink...ish vinyl.

The vinyl re-issue of the long out-of-print cassette originally released on Enterruption, edition 100x, in early '04.

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  • Side A
  1. At A Crawl
  2. Black Stooges
  3. Night Goat
  4. Revolve/The Brain Center At Whipples
  • Side B
  1. Let It All Be
  2. Hooch
  3. Mombius Hibachi
  4. The Bloat
  5. The Bit



  • There are actually only about 460 copies in existence. Due to printer issues roughly 40 copies were sacrificed. Those are in the early 300's.
  • About the first 20 copies have original labels on the vinyl itself with a white skull as opposed to red. Until, again, printer issues caused enteruption to change over to a red skull label.
  • About 45 of the actual records have white or black swirls pressed in the pink (red) vinyl and only a handful are a true pink. The rest are a primary red.
  • "The Fool", which was part of the original setlist, was left off this recording because of an error by the legendary Kurt Schlagel. In other words... he forgot to press record until damn near the end of the first song. That being "The Fool".
  • This released vinyl version has been remastered from the original recording so the sound quality should be better than the original cassette release.
  • This album was originally intended to be manufactured and sold on the POD tour of 07, but the printer "dropped the ball" and it didn't get completed in time. (note: imagine how many of us would be bitching about not getting this had that been how it turned out)

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