Your Blessened (single)

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Your Blessened/Pronoun Piece Me

8" flexi Slap A Ham Records #2


  • 1st edit. 1000
  • clear wax orange cover
  • clear wax yellow cover

  • 2nd edit. 1000
  • yellow wax blue cover
  • clear wax blue cover (leftover clear wax in blue sleeves numbered 100-179/1000 - see comments below)

  • 3rd edit. 1000
  • red wax green cover
  • red wax red cover
  • red wax yellow cover
  • red wax blue cover (leftover red wax in blue sleeves numbered 1000+/1000 - see comments below)

Track Listing


"Your Blessened" (recorded 2/4/1989 live at Gilman - San Francisco, CA)

"Pronoun Piece Me" (recorded 2/1/1986 at C/Z – same session as 10 Songs cd)

Note: both songs are on side A because this is a one sided 8” flexi disk


Buzz – guitar

Dale – drums

Lori – bass ("Your Blessened")

Matt - bass ("Pronoun Piece Me")


  • Cover: 1st pressing has a picture of Buzz in childhood years
  • 2nd and 3rd pressings have a picture of Dale in childhood years
  • Xeroxed cover on yellow, blue and red paper
  • The 3rd pressing was supposed to have a cover with a picture of Lori in childhood years but that never happened
  • Some records came with 1 or 2 free “MELVINS” logo stickers

Liner Notes

  • Oi-

Well, here it is- the second Slap A Ham release. Hooray! Most of the responses from the first flexi were extremely positive (no, not like youth of today). I'm learning alot and making lots of friends and blah blah blah blah... and all the rest of that cheezy, tear-jerking schmaltz. Basically, the label does take up most, if not all, of my limited spare time, but so far it has been worth it. No, not really. Well, o.k.; maybe a bit. I guess I'm obligated to put the following disclaimer on this here flexi- Hey dummy! This is a flexi! If you play it a zillion times over, it may just wear out! So make a tape or something just in case!

  • Actually, I haven't gotten any complaints yet about flexis wearing out, but I've heard tales of other flexis skipping after repeated plays. There's a copy of the first Slap A Ham flexi that I've played about 70 times and it still plays like a charm. But, then again, that might be the exception instead of the rule. Play it safe-- make a tape in case this floppy slab goes flat one day. Love + Kisses, Chris :P



I distroed a small amount (13 copies to be exact) of the Your Blessened 8" flexi and Chris Dodge who ran Slap-a-Ham included in the 13, 1 copy that had 1st edition vinyl (clear) but second press cover (blue), he said he had some leftover vinyl from the 1st edition. Mine is numbered #157. I have #193 of 2nd edition and it's normal so I don't know if that means there is "around" 170 like this or not.

brian gauze

Nos.100, 122, 178 and 179 of the second press (blue) sleeve contain 1st edition vinyl (clear), supporting what Brian Gauze writes above. I also have a second press (blue sleeve) numbered #1009/1000 with 3rd edition (red) vinyl.


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