Your Choice Live Series Vol.12 (album)

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1st Edition CD Artwork
1st Edition CD Artwork
1st Edition CD
1st Edition CD Rear
2nd Edition CD Artwork
2nd Edition CD Artwork
2nd Edition CD
2nd Edition CD Rear

Your Choice Live Series Vol. 12 released 1991

They also performed the song "It's Shoved" that is left off this album and appears on the It's Your Choice compilation.

"Tanked" is an early live version of song "Wispy" that appears on Eggnog .

Track listing

  1. "Heater Moves And Eyes" (Osborne) – 2:33
  2. "At A Crawl" (Osborne) – 3:05
  3. "Anaconda" (Osborne) – 2:53
  4. "Eye Flys" (Osborne) – 7:10
  5. "Kool Legged" (Osborne) – 4:37
  6. "Tanked" (Osborne) – 0:44
  7. "Let God Be Your Gardener" (Osborne) – 1:59
  8. "Revulsion" (Osborne) – 7:13



Buzz had this to say about the release in an interview: "...we might end up re-releasing it soon anyway. It was done after we had recorded Bullhead but before it came out. It was recorded in Europe under adverse circumstances. We just didn’t want to do the record! I mean, this guy asked us if we’d let him release a live album and we said we wouldn’t do it unless he came up with a certain amount of money. I think it was like two grand, which was an outlandish amount for us at that time. So anyway, we’re in Europe and he shows up at the show. So he shows up with money and I’m like ‘Oh shit, I forgot about this.’ I didn’t actually think he’d give us 2 grand. I guess I should have said 50,000! Anyway, so we did it and it’s kinda weird. It’s OK."

Supposedly 0,50 DM from every copy sold from this CD was donated towards an English organization fighting the fur trade named Respect For Animals.

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