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Altamont is a side band of Dale Crover which he formed in 1994 along with Joey Osbourne and Dan Southwick of Acid King. The band is named after the infamous Altamont Free Concert of 1969.

Band Members

The following people are all listed as members on Altamont's Myspace page:

Dale Crover (Guitar/Vocals)
Dan Southwick (Bass)
Toshi Kasai (Guitar/Electric Ukelele)
Coady Willis (Drums)
Sasha Popovich (Drums)
Joey Osbourne (Drums/Vocals)


Album Cover Date of Release Title Format Label Catalog Number
Wanted Dead Or Alive.jpg
May 27, 1997 Wanted Dead Or Alive Red 10 inch vinyl Man's Ruin Records MR-072
Civil war fantasy.jpg
October 13, 1998 Civil War Fantasy Man's Ruin Records MR-085
May 1, 2001 Our Darling Man's Ruin Records MR-2020
Monkees' Uncle Cover.jpg
November 1, 2005 The Monkee's Uncle AntAcidAudio AAA-995