August 09, 2003

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Created by Chuck Sperry

San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall

Show Lineup


Not necessarily in this order

  • Tipping the Lion
  • Oven
  • Promise Me
  • Black Stooges (first verse only)
  • Goin' Blind
  • The Green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown)
  • It's Shoved
  • the Brain Center at Whipples
  • Lovely Butterflies
  • Let It All Be
  • The Bloat
  • With Teeth
  • The Bit
  • Little Judas Chongo
  • The Fool, the Meddling Idiot
  • Night Goat



Butcher were terrible as they had been at Spaceland back in November although their set was thankfully trimmed. The Boys were in fine form last night. A trilogy of covers, extended noise jams and Buzz even spoke before the set began. Kevin was playing extremely well, throwing lots of noise effects into songs that did nothing to detract from the music. If anything it enhanced the songs, especially the breaks in "Little Judas Chongo" a song I was very excited to hear after they had all but abandoned it during part of the "H.A.T." tour. At the end of their set Dale knocked over his whole kit in what looked like genuine rage. I am not sure exactly what it stemmed from. He appeared to grow increasingly frustrated as the set progressed, maybe he thought he was playing bad or the show wasn't going well. I was awestruck by his drumming though, maybe anger makes him hit harder. During "Night Goat" someone threw a table onto the stage in front of his kit. This may have pissed him off also, I'm not sure, but Dale knocking over his kit is an anomaly, rarely seen, and I think it stemmed from genuine anger. - Anonymous