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"Charmicarmicat" (Osborne) – 12:50

Originally from Eggnog, 1991.


Fine horses you know always don't know

Until you let them into you like soul

Let seem to more like a creak board

Jump in the steam like Yanson did

She's more like someone that I know

Wash away

Bastards taken my love

They take away

Guitar TAB

Tabbed by Ryan Aubin
Written by The Melvins.
Legend:  Any note sepatated by a slash(/) is a "drop bend".  
That means that the note would be bent BEFORE picking and then 
dropped from the sharp pitch to the fret's regular pitch.

This is a weird one.  It's probably one of the only 
songs by the Melvins that sounds harder than it actually is!!  
I'll explain a little about Buzz's essential guitar sound for 
this song and how to obtain it first.  I'll get into the song's riffs later.

The song starts off with a ripping, low volume, super-crunchy ball 
of feedback which lasts for the first 2 minutes of the song.  
This feedback can be obtained by using anywhere from 2 to 4 distortion 
pedals AT ONCE!!.  Superb amounts of volume aren't needed because the 
pedals take care of the feedback job at whatever volume you're at.  

When I play this tune I use the ditortion channel on my amp and a Boss 
Metal Zone pedal both on at once.  It usually ends up sounding pretty cool.  
Remember, it never hurts to try stuff out!!

Ok, now that we're all set with our two distortion pedals 
turned on and our axe in hand, let's get down to the tabs!!  For the 
first 2 minutes of the song, lay low and rub your hands along the strings 
while the distortion pedals do the bulk of the work.  Then head into this 
smoothly and quietly:



Play this riff a few times, then do this:

After 4 of those, you'll head into this main riff:

The parts between the exclamation points in that last section are 
repeated(looped) while each verse sluggishly moves by.  While Buzz 
sings, play this:

Well, that's it.  It's kind of a hard tab page to read so if at 
first you don't succeed, give me a shout at  If you don't 
have problems, then email me anyway!!  I'd like some comments from you!!