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Dave Sahijdak played bass on some live dates in 1993 with the band prior to Mark Deutrom joining the band in time for their fall tour with Primus. Dave appears on the Documentary HYPE! footage of the Melvins which was shot at Grungefest in Longview, WA on May 15, 1993. This Documentary was about the 'Seattle Grunge Scene' and chronicled what led up to it and what was so ridiculous about it.

He was in a band called Mol Triffid and is now living in the state of Michigan where he is involved in a few music projects.

Here's what Dave had to say about his time in the Melvins and his current musical dealings:

I rehearsed with the Melvins in an industrial building located in the

Hunter's Point Neighborhood of San Francisco. Dale and Buzz liked to rehearse late, so we'd get out there around 11 or midnight. One night we were held up at gun point after some knuckle-head rocker left the security gate propped open for his friends. Dale was fast enough to fling a drum stick at his eye, blinding him, then Buzz kicked him in the gut. The gunman fell into the hallway and I slammed the steel-reinforced door shut. Whew...that was close.

Shows I played: We opened for Ice-T at 1015 Folsom in SF. We also played 2 warm up shows in SF (Nightbreak & Kennel Club) before doing a west coast tour from San Diego to Seattle. I think the best shows were in Seattle, where we headlined the Crocodile, and a KISS cover band opened the show. The bass player let me use his scooped 18" 500 Watt Peavey bass amp, plus Ernie from the Nirvana road crew brought over Krist Novoselic's ultra high wattage 2X15 cabinet for me to use. So I had all this plus the 1X18 cabinet that we had on tour. Fucking MASSIVE! By far the most massive bass rig I have ever used. By the end of the show the back of my skull hurt from getting pounded by the low frequencies. Luckily our sound man twisted up a 'gar and made it go away. After the show I was hanging with Dale, Krist and Peter Buck in the small bar in the back. The show in Longview was cool, mostly because it was filmed and appeared in the movie Hype! Mudhoney played and I can't remember who else. It was at a horse race track of some kind and all the kids were slamming in the dirt.

Right now I'm involved in several musical projects--

The Dave Sharp Quartet and 25 Suaves. I've also formed an acoustic group called Acoustic Odyssey. We play Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin tunes (and original tunes)on banjo, dobro, upright bass, violin and guitar...It's all instrumental and it's designed around having fun...