I Like Porn/Coitus City

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Scale 74 front cover
Scale 74 back cover w/ record

I Like Porn/Coitus City 7" - released 1995

"I Like Porn" is performed by the Melvins, and "Coitus City" is performed by Guv'ner. This is number two of a four part series Amrep put out. These tracks are from the documentary film "Screwed: Al Goldstein's Kingdom of Porn" and were also on the original motion picture soundtrack to Screwed. I believe it says on the 7" from the documentary film: "PORN" because they ended up changing the name of the film.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. I Like Porn - Melvins
  • B Side
  1. Coitus City - Guv'ner



from Amphetamine Reptile: These singles (series of 4) were supposed to be promo release for upcoming movie called "PORN." After we did this series the movie name got changed to "Screwed," and the subsequent LP soundtrack version was properly titled "Screwed." Producer Todd Phillips now resides in Hollywood directing films like "Starsky & Hutch."

"I have a copy of the porn 7" on black vinyl which I scored at a local record store (St. Paul). Thus, I doubt only test pressings were pressed on black vinyl." - TOM CHEVALIER