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Ipecac Recordings is an independent record label based in Orinda, California. It was founded in 1999 by [[Greg Werckman]] (ex-label manager of [[Alternative Tentacles]], ex-Lead Singer for Duh, ex-employee for Mercury Records and Pick-A-Winner Management) and [[Mike Patton]] (ex-Faith No More, ex-Mr. Bungle, [[Fantômas]], [[Tomahawk]] and Peeping Tom) in Alameda, California.
Originally the label was created for the sole purpose of releasing the first [[Fantômas]] album. Currently they also distribute other artists like The Melvins, Isis, and other of Patton's projects and collaborations.
The label is named after syrup of ipecac, an emetic, or vomit-inducing, medicine.
The label's tag line is "Ipecac Recordings--Making People Sick Since 1999."
==Melvins releases==
*''[[The Maggot (album)|The Maggot]]''
*''[[The Bootlicker (album)|The Bootlicker]]''
*''[[The Crybaby (album)|The Crybaby]]''
*[[The Trilogy]]
*''[[Hostile Ambient Takeover (album)|Hostile Ambient Takeover]]''
*''[[26 Songs (album)|26 Songs]]''
*''[[Pigs of the Roman Empire (album)|Pigs of the Roman Empire]]''
*''[[Mangled Demos from 1983]]''
*''[[(A) Senile Animal]]''

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