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I was too young to get into this show and the bouncer didn't buy the fake I.Ds. (heh)
there was some security guard getting out of a car right in front of the venue and he saw how disappointed we were. we got to talking and he said, "maybe i'll go in and get buzz for you.." we just sorta laughed and got ready to leave after he disappeared into the venue.
lo and behold, five minutes later the security guard reemerges with some walking hair ball behind him. i was completely floored, needless to say.
Buzz clasped his hands prayer-style and bowed to each of us, apologizing that we couldn't get into the show and shaking our hands. I had a homemade Prick shirt on and one of my friends pointed it out to him. he sorta smiled and rolled his eyes slightly saying, "that's nice". we all talked for a little while longer and then he went back inside after my friend touched his hair. for some reason we didn't take a picture or anything like that. kinda kicked myself in the ass for that.
after going home pretty disappointed but strangely uplifted thanks to the surprise meeting, we resolved to go to the show three days later in Connecticut. it was really good.

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