Lori Black

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Lori "Lorax" Black as pictured in the inner sleeve of Ozma

Lori Black, also known as Lorax, was the second bassist. She joined the band when they moved to California. Interestingly enough, she is Shirley Temple's daughter. She also played bass in Clown Alley with Mark Deutrom (another former Melvins bassist).

According to an interview with Buzz this is why she was replaced, "Well, we tended to wanna work a little harder than she was willing to do, and I was going out with her for a long time, and I basically got sick of her. Dumped her. Just rid her from my life completely, and there's no way I could see playing in a band with her. That had a lot to do with it, plus, I thought she was lazy."

She played on Ozma, Bullhead, Eggnog, the Your Choice Live Series album, and parts of Houdini. Some believe she didn't actually play any bass at all on Houdini, the band is tight lipped about that though. There were rumors that she supposedly passed away in 98 from a heroin overdose, but Tom Flynn of Boner Records says that she's still alive and living in San Francisco, but not doing music anymore.