Making Love Demos

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Making Love Demos/Manchild 3

front cover
front cover of Manchild 3
Book/CD Release Party (Melvins didn't play it)

Melvins - Making Love Demos (CD)/Brian Walsby - Manchild 3 (Comic Book) - released October 9, 2007

from Brian Walsby's myspace page: "Almost twenty years ago, Dale taped this for me and I have listened to it ever since. Frankly, I am surprised that they have never unearthed this. It is among my very favorite Melvins recordings. Recorded shortly after the release of "Gluey Porch Treatments", this homemade four track won't be confused with "Sergeant Pepper" in terms of production values (although we have boosted the levels somewhat), but fucking A, the songs and the performance more then makes up for that. It was also the last thing the band recorded with original bass player Matt Lukin, a fitting end to the band's first album lineup... Some of these then new songs ended up on "Ozma". I actually prefer these versions. Other songs were lost in the shuffle but are as good as anything the band has put out. As for the band themselves, Dale is on fire on all of these tracks. Buzz's vocals have never been any more twisted, sneering or evil. I am pleased as punch that these guys have let me release this material in conjunction with my new book. Me and Charles are both really happy about this. Obviously this will sell my book a lot easier then the previous two. Sadly, the band's version of a Kiss song from which the title of the demos have been taken didn't make the cut, as a abrupt tape drop in assured that said fact. Besides, Gene Simmons might get pissed off. I don't need that trouble."

Track listing

  1. Creepy Smell 1:26
  2. My Small % Shows Most 1:20
  3. Dime Lined Divide 1:03 - this one is uploaded to the Bifocal Media myspace page
  4. Excess Pool 1:50
  5. Vile Vermillion Vacancy 5:46
  6. We Got Worries Here 2:57
  7. Let God Be Your Gardener 1:50
  8. Repulsion 5:42



  • Here are a few quotes from Buzz pertaining to the Manchild Book/CD:
    • “Brian is one of our oldest and dearest friends and it's great to be involved in more of his bridge burning.”
    • “Brian Walsby is a cool Jew.”
    • “I don't even have a copy of these songs, how the hell did he get them? Did we give him permission for this?”
    • “This is a perfect home for these songs. The Melvins support Brian Walsby in every way legal and illegal. He's a peach. A cool peach with a pen.”
  • from Bifocal Media: Bifocal Media is very proud, and excited to publish this title from two legendary artists: Brian Walsby and The Melvins. MANCHILD 3 (Brian's 3rd published book of comic art) showcases the illustrative skill and wit that have earned Mr. Walsby a loyal following of fans since the early 80s. Many will remember Brian's work in magazines ranging from Maximum Rocknroll and Flipside all the way over to Hustler's Barely Legal while others know of Brian's classic album art for bands like 7-Seconds, Melvins, Scared Straight, and others. Brian also played drums for Polvo, Ryan Adams, Scared Straight, and currently plays for Double Negative. Manchild 3 comes packaged with the Melvins "Making Love" Demos CD. This is an ultra rare 8 song recording made my the band in 1987! Until now these tracks have never been released. The inclusion of this CD is fitting as MANCHILD 3 includes a 16 page illustrated Melvins tour diary from their 2006 tour.