May 11, 2000

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Tucson, AZ - The Rock

Show Lineup



Credit to Justin




Ok, Where to begin. Got to Tucson and to the club, just as they got on stage. They were wearing there camouflage dresses. Started the 1st. set with Tequila. Followed with the more mellow stuff. Buzz was very talkative to the crowed. Finished the 1st set with Teen Spirit, but without Leaf. They picked some schmuck that they figured must know the words, He didn't and made an ass of himself. But he did get to jam with the Melvins. Bastard! Second set was when they really rocked. Started out with the new guy making sounds with weird guitar strings and some flat microphone that he rubbed on everything. LOUD! Thank god for ear plugs. Seemed as though the guys were tired cuz I've heard tighter sets. Still rocked. Show ended after 1hr 15min. After the show waited for them out side by the YellowLuck truck. But didn't come out, so we left for Phoenix. Stopped at some truck stop out in the middle of nowhere and who pulls up in a mini van? Dale and Kevin. I yelled at Dale and he looked freaked out that he was spotted in the middle of nowhere. He was cool. Took a picture and talked about the web. He said as stated before that he knows nothing of your site, but did say that a Melvins page is due to be finished soon! He was cool. Asked him if there will be more albums, and he replied "what else are we going to do?" Bitchin!!! Only a couple are worth it. The one with Dale and I turned out though. later_greenguy