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Amphetamine Reptile Scale 110 front cover

Melvins/H•O•F - Split Tour Double 7" Set - released August 25, 2007

Sleeve art created by Burlesque Design

This double 7" set was released by Amphetamine Reptile Records was first sold at Grumpy's Big Bash in Minneapolis, MN on August 25, 2007. The rest of the singles were sold throughout the 2007 U.S. Tour and through the Amrep website.

from amrep: Double Single goodness, with amazing silk screened gatefold sleeve by Burlesque Design. Huge stomping new Melvins song (Real Fucking Nasty) only available on this release, also an exclusive new track from H•O•F (Stalins Child) and then on a one sided 7" is some sorta fucked up Melvins of Flies (M•O•F) track (Drunken Paddy). Released as a tour only single for 2007 tour, we have a handful for the faithful here. Included in the package is a CD with 9 songs, basically all the tour only tracks gathered up on one cd.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Real Fucking Nasty (Melvins)
  • B Side
  1. Stalin's Child (H•O•F)

  • C Side
  1. Drunken Paddy (M•O•F)

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