Melvins Tour Dates 1986

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  • Aberdeen, WA -Dale Crover's bedroom ??/??/86 (Makin' Love demo) Creepy Smell/My Small Percent Shows Most/Dimelined Divide/Excess Pool/Vile/Vermillion Vacancy/We Got Worries Here/Let God Be Your Gardener/Repulsion/
  • Aberdeen, WA -Matt's Garage ??/??/86 Echohead/Flex With You/Don't Piece Me/Bitten into Sympathy/Exact Paperbacks/Glow God-Big As A Mountain/Heaviness of the Load/Happy Gray or Black/Heater Moves and Eyes/Gluey Porch Treatments/Eye Flys/Clipping Roses/
  • Olympia, WA. -?? ??/??/86 15mins. Living After Midnight(cover??)/Heater Moves and Eyes/Echo Head/Don't Piece Me/Bitten into Sympathy/Exact Paperbacks/
  • Calgary, Ontario -?? ??/??/86 30mins. Vile/????/Symptom Of The Universe/Kool Legged/Disinvite/Easy As It Was/Green Honey/????/Happy Grey Or Black/

The band went to Sausilito, California to record 'Gluey Porch Treatments' in October.

  • November 20, 1986 Seattle, WA - Central Tavern 60mins. Cold Gin (kiss Cover)/Eye Flys/Grinding Process/Heater Moves and Eyes/Jam/Going Blind/Creepy Smell/As It Was/Happy Grey Or Black/Glow God/Now A Limo/Big As A Mountain/Heaviness of the Load/Influence of Atmosphere/Don't Piece Me/Flex With You/Vile (very early version)/Over From Under The Excrement/

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