Melvins Tour Dates 1989

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Your Blessened/ what else?

  • July 22, 1989 Seattle, WA - Central Tavern w/ Girl Trouble, Pussy Galore

Creepy Smell/Oven/Heater Moves And Eyes/At A Crawl/Theme/Raise A Paw/Green Honey /Revulsion/We Reach/Ever Since My Accident/Your Blessened/Cranky Messiah/

Creepy Smell/Oven/Heater Moves and Eyes/At A Crawl/Koollegged /Raise A Paw/Green Honey/Revulsion/We Reach/Ever Since My Accident/Show Off Your Red Hands/Your Blessened/Cranky Messiah/Let God Be Your Gardener/

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