Melvins Tour Dates 1991

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  • Lounge Axe '91???

Heater Moves and Eyes/At A Crawl/Anaconda/Eye Flys/Kool Legged/Tank/Let God Be Your Gardener/Revulsion/ (also It's Shoved)/

  • March 02, 1991 Leeds, England - Dutchess Of York w/ Steel Pole Bathtub

Leech/Euthanasia/Theme/Way Of The World/

  • May 09, 1991 Portland, OR - Underground w/ Red Wing Romance, Caustic Soda

Antitoxidote/Euthanasia/Zodiac/Oven/If I Had An Exorcism/Boris/Kool Legged/Wispy/It's Shoved/Anaconda/We Reach/Hog Leg/

  • August 24, 1991 Olympia, WA - Capitol Lake Park (International Pop Underground Convention) w/ Mecca Normal, Girl Trouble, Beat Happening, Bratmobile, Fugazi

Charmacarmicat/what else?

Charmicarmicat/It's Shoved/Antitoxidote/Oven/Euthanasia/Just What I Needed (jam)/If I Had An Exorcism/Boris/Wispy/Eye Flys/Adolescent Wet Dream/Cow/Vile/Hog Leg/

Charmicarmicat/It's Shoved/Antitoxidote/Oven/Euthanasia/If I had an Exorcism/Boris/Wispy/Eye Flys/Cow/Vile/Hog Leg/

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Charmicarmicat/It's Shoved/Antitoxidote/Oven/Euthanasia/If I Had An Exorcism/Boris/Wispy/Eye Flys/

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