Melvins Tour Dates 1992

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Berkeley Square '92 ???

San Francisco, California -Kennel Club ??/??/92 10mins. Unannounced opening for Neurosis Oven/Euthanasia/Ballard of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper cover)/

Olympia, WA. -Northshore Surf Club ??/??/92 w/Beat Happening

Seattle, WA. -Crocodile Cafe 01/15/92 w/Nirvana Sacrifice/Way Of The World/ With members of Nirvana. Was anything else played???

Vancouver, BC -Commodore Ballroom 03/04/92 w/Soundgarden Seattle, WA -Paramount Theater 03/05/92 w/Soundgarden Seattle, WA -Paramount Theater 03/06/92 w/Soundgarden Berekley, CA -?? 03/28/92 74mins. Anaheim, CA -?? ??/??/92 Celebrity Theater w/Groteus, Mr. Bungle

San Francisco, CA -Great American Music Hall 04/02/92 w/Unwound, Beat Happening At A Crawl>Euthanasia/Oven (1st half)>Wispy>Oven (2nd half)/Heater Moves and Eyes/Antitoxidote/She (jam)>?(jam)>Creepy Smell/Ballad of Dwight Fry/If I Had An Exorcism/

Hollywood, CA -Raji's 04/15/92 52mins. At A Crawl/Euthanasia/Oven>Wispy/Heater Moves And Eyes/?/Creepy Smell/Ballad Of Dwight Fry/If I Had An Exorcism/Sacrifice/?/With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands / Roman Dog Bird/

San Francisco, California -Kennel Club 04/24/92 w/Blister, Drop Acid 70mins. Lysol part1/lysol part 2/Ballard of Dwight Fry (w/Alice Cooper on vocals!)/Oven/At A Crawl/Euthanasia/She/Creepy Smell/If I Had An Exorcism/Kool Legged/Boris/It's Shoved/Anaconda/Your Blessened/Heater Eyes And Moves/Revulsion-We Reach/

San Francisco, CA - Morty's 05/03/92 w/Wool (Both Joe Preston and Lori Black played this show!)

Hollywood, CA -Palladium 05/29/92 56mins. San Francisco, California -Kennel Club 06/01/92 w/GWAR ??, ?? -New York Theatre 06/06/92 w/GWAR Boston, Ma -Avalon 06/27/92 w/GWAR Cleveland, OH -Euclid Tavern 07/13/92 w/Hammerhead Reading, England -Reading Festival 08/30/92 w/Nirvana 29mins. New York, NY -Ritz 10/30/92 (CMJ Showcase) w/Cows, Cosmic Psychos, Surgery and Hammerhead

New York, NY -Bard College 10/31/92 sound check: god of thunder/euthanasia/(a neil young song)/ Show: Zodiac/Euthanasia/anaconda/Sacrifice/its shoved/heater moves and eyes/if i had an exorcism/boris/night goat/

Hollywood, CA -Hollywood Palladium 11/23/92 w/Primus, Merve Hollywood, CA -Hollywood Palladium 11/24/92 w/Primus, Merve

  • December 31, 1992 San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Center 12/31/92 Bill Graham's New Year's Eve show w/Primus, Mr. Bungle