Melvins Tour Dates 1995

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Melvins fill in on Nine Inch Nails Tour for 'Pop Will Eat Itself' after their leader singer becomes ill.

  • April ??, 1995 Vancouver, Canada -Town Pump 4/??/95
  • April ??, 1995 Seattle, Washington -King Theater 4/??/95 with Acid King and God Head Silo

  • April ??, 1995 Colorado Springs, Colorado -?? 4/??/95 Interview with band
  • April ??, 1995 Boise, Idaho -Independent Records 04/??/95
  • April 01, 1995 Philadephia, PA -Trocedero 4/01/95 w/Wayne Kramer and Acid King

Revolve/Hooch/With Teeth/Goose Freight Train/Nasty Dogs Funky Kings/Shevil/Snake Appeal/

Radio interview

  • April 12, 1995 Boulder, Colorado -Fox Theatre 04/12/95 w/God Head Silo and Smack Jacket 70 mins.

??, Colorado -Buffalo Bill's Grave 04/12/95 Johnny Reno Gunfighter/ What else?

  • April 1?, 1995 Toronto, Ontario (Canada) -Rotate This Records 04/1?/95 27mins.

-White Zombie joins tour-

Revolve/Goose Freight Train/ What else?

Queen/ What else?

  • May 21, 1995 Detroit, MI. -State Fair Coliseum 5/21/95 w/Reverend Horton Heat, White Zombie

Skweetis/With Teeth/ What else?

White Zombie ad??? Melvins, White Zombie, Reverend Horton Heat

Revolve/Goose Freight Train/ (interview also)

RoadBull/ What else?

Goggles/Sweet Willy Rollbar/ What else?

Goggles/Sweet Willy Rollbar/Revolve/Night Goat/Specimen/At The Stake/Queen/Anaconda/Joan Of Ark/Oven/Goose Freight Train/Easy As It Was/Skweetis/With Teeth/Roadbull/Shevil/

Nightgoat/Specimen/ What else?

Goggles/Sweet Willy Rollbar/Revolve/Hooch/Honeybucket/?Unknown?/Skweetis/With Teeth/Roadbull/Night Goat/

Hooch/ What else???

Concert Warning/ what else?

  • June 29, 1995 Santa Monica, CA. -Civic Auditorium 06/29/95 w/White Zombie and Babes In Toyland