Melvins Tour Dates 1996

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Lallapalooza Los Angeles, California -Irving Meadows 3/03/96 and 3/04/96 Bloat/Revolve/ what else???

Los Angeles, California -Roxy 3/13/96 With Yoko Ono Rising/ what else???

On Tour With Kiss New Orleans, Louisiana -Louisiana Superdome 07/09/96 w/KISS Revolve/Roadbull/Antixidote/Nigth Goat/ What else???

Mephis, TN -Pyramid 07/10/96 w/KISS Moline, Il. -Mark of The Quad Cities 07/12/96 w/KISS St. Paul, MA. -St. Paul Civic Center 07/13/96 w/KISS 30mins. Chicago, IL. -Rosement Horizon 07/14/96 w/KISS

Seattle, WA -Cellophane Square (Stag Release Party) 07/15/96 30mins. At The Stake/Revolve/Roadbull/Buck Owens/The Bloat/The Bit/Skin Horse/Antitoxidote/

New Orleans, LA -Tad Gormley Stadium 07/23/96 (Lollapalooza) George, WA -The Gorge 07/30/96 (Lollapalooza) Tuscon, ?? -Pima County Fairgrounds 07/31/96 (Lollapalooza) San Jose, CA -State University Spartan Stadium 08/02/96 (Lalapalooza)

Denver, CO -Ogden Theater 08/08/96 The Bit/Night Goat/Sacrifice/Revolve/Roadbull/Antitoxidote/Sweet Willy Rollbar/Goose Freight Train/The Bloat/Tipping The Lion/Buck Owens*/Capt Pungent/Berthas/Bar-X The Rocking M*/Queen*/Hag Me/At The Stake/Lizzy*/Magic Pig Detective*/With Teeth (Last Song)/Cottonmouth (just Dale was "encore")/ with asterisks are uncertain but probable

St. Louis, Mississippi -?? 08/11/96 Sacrifice/Bar of X/ what else?/

Fall 1996 new york -westbeth theater 9/5/96

new london, connecticut -el n gee 9/6/96 Dale on guitar for set one/Cottonmouth/old stuff set three/

boston, massachuetts -axis 9/7/96

portland, maine -bad habits 9/8/96 45mins. new song/Eye Flys/Lacrimosa/June Bug/Sky Pup/At The Stake/Cow/Tipping The Lion/Skin Horse [cut]/

montreal, Canada -cabaret music hall 9/09/96 w/Primus Sky Pup/Sacrifice/ what else?

Toronto, Canada -opera house 9/10/96

Some time in here, Melvins were on Much Music in Canada) cleveland,ohio -odeon 9/12/96 detroit,michigan -shelter 9/13/96 grand rapids, mi -reptile house 9/14/96

chicago, illionis -double door 9/16/96 Honey Bucket/Rottweiler/ what else? 20+ songs performed

milwaukee, illionis -the annex 9/17/96 minneapolis, minesota -first ave 9/18/96 kansas city, -hurricane 9/19/96 louisville, kentucky -toy tiger 9/21/96 chapel hill, north carolina -cat's cradle 9/22/96 nashville, tennessee -328 performance hall 9/24/96 birmingham, atlanta -the nick 9/25/96 new orleans, louisania -house of blue 9/26/96 dallas, texas -galaxy 9/27/96 houston, texas -the abyss 9/28/96 austin, texas -liberty lunch 9/30/96 albuquerque, new mexico -dingo bar 10/1/96 phoenix, arizona -mason jar 10/2/96 san diego, california -casbah 10/3/96

los angeles, California -Brick By Brick? 10/4/96 Lacrimosa/Skin Horse/Cotton Mouth/?!?Crover Drums and guitar at same time?!?/Buck Owen/Captain Pugent/Bertha/Bar X -The Rocking M/The Bit/ Anything else??

san jose, california -cactus club 10/5/96 110mins. san francisco, -california slim's 10/6/96 seattle, washington -rckcndy 10/7/96 (rescheduled to 10/10??)

portland, oregon -la luna 10/8/96 110mins. Cow/Skin Horse/Sacrifice(closer)/ What else???

Vancouver,B.C. -Town Pump 10/09/96

Seattle, WA -rckcndy 10/10/96 120mins. ??noise intro/Eye Flys/Lacrimosa/June bug/Sky Pup/At the Stake/Cow/Tipping the lion/skin horse/goose freight train/captain pungent/Berthas/Cotton mouth/Revolve/sweet willy rollbar/Road bull/buck owens/the bloat/the bit/night goat/specimen/the Green manalishi/Queen/Antitoxidote/Sacrifice/

??,?? -Sazburg Arge Nonntal 11/25/96

Wien, Austria -Wien Arena 11/26/96

In 12/13/96 Much Music aired an interview with the Melvins. I guess that they were in Canada around then. Or it could be from September when they were in Canada.