Melvins Tour Dates 1996

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  • March 03, 1996 Los Angeles, California -Irving Meadows 3/03/96 and 3/04/96

Bloat/Revolve/ what else???

Rising/ what else???

Summer 1996 U.S. Tour

Revolve/Roadbull/Antixidote/Nigth Goat/ What else???

At The Stake/Revolve/Roadbull/Buck Owens/The Bloat/The Bit/Skin Horse/Antitoxidote/

The Bit/Night Goat/Sacrifice/Revolve/Roadbull/Antitoxidote/Sweet Willy Rollbar/Goose Freight Train/The Bloat/Tipping The Lion/Buck Owens*/Capt Pungent/Berthas/Bar-X The Rocking M*/Queen*/Hag Me/At The Stake/Lizzy*/Magic Pig Detective*/With Teeth (Last Song)/Cottonmouth (just Dale was "encore")/ with asterisks are uncertain but probable

Sacrifice/Bar of X/ what else?/

Fall 1996 North American Tour

Dale on guitar for set one/Cottonmouth/old stuff set three/

new song/Eye Flys/Lacrimosa/June Bug/Sky Pup/At The Stake/Cow/Tipping The Lion/Skin Horse [cut]/

Sky Pup/Sacrifice/ what else?

Some time in here, Melvins were on Much Music in Canada)

Honey Bucket/Rottweiler/ what else? 20+ songs performed

Lacrimosa/Skin Horse/Cotton Mouth/?!?Crover Drums and guitar at same time?!?/Buck Owen/Captain Pugent/Bertha/Bar X -The Rocking M/The Bit/ Anything else??

Cow/Skin Horse/Sacrifice(closer)/ What else???

??noise intro/Eye Flys/Lacrimosa/June bug/Sky Pup/At the Stake/Cow/Tipping the lion/skin horse/goose freight train/captain pungent/Berthas/Cotton mouth/Revolve/sweet willy rollbar/Road bull/buck owens/the bloat/the bit/night goat/specimen/the Green manalishi/Queen/Antitoxidote/Sacrifice/

In 12/13/96 Much Music aired an interview with the Melvins. I guess that they were in Canada around then. Or it could be from September when they were in Canada.