Melvins Tour Dates 1997

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Winter 1997 U.S. Tour

Summer 1997 U.S. Tour

May 1997 starts tour with Helmet. Go to US, then australia, then in the Fall, back in US. The Melvins hit the road on a small tour opening for Helmet.

Captain Pungent/Berthas/Interstellar Overdrive/Magic Pig Detective/Revolve/Hooch/Mombius Hibachi/Sacrifice/

Boris/It's Shoved/Bar-X-The Rocking M/Interstellar Overdrive/Magic Pig Detective/Lizzy/Antitoxidote/Tipping The Lion/The Bloat/The Bit/Honey Bucket/Revolve/Hooch/With Teeth/Mombius Hibachi/Sacrifice/

  • Pomona, CA. - Glass House 7/21/97
  • Riverside,CA. -The Barn (Univ. of California Riverside) 7/21/97

It's Shoved/Bar-X/Interstellar O.D./Magic Pig/Lizzy/Antioxidote/Tipping/The Bloat/The Bit/Honey Bucket/Revolve/Hooch/Night Goat/With Teeth/Mombius/ Buck Owen/Boris/Sacifrice/Montreal/ were also played but I don't know where they belong in the setlist.

Boris/It's Shoved/Bar X The Rocking M/Interstellar Overdrive/Magic Pig Detective/Lizzy/Antioxidote/Tipping The Lion/The Bloat/The Bit/Honey Bucket/Revolve/Hooch/Night Goat/With Teeth/Mombius Hibachi/

Summer 1997 Australian Tour

With Cosmic Psychos

Boris/It's Shoved/Bar-X/Interstellar Overdrive/Roadbull/Magic Pig Detective/Lizzy/Antitoxidote/Tipping The Lion/The Bloat/The Bit/Revolve/Hooch/Nightgoat/?/Mombius Hibachi/Sacrifice/

Fall 1997 U.S. Tour

Amazing Grace/It's Shoved/Bar-X-the Rocking M/Unknown/Magic Pig detective/Lizzy/Unknown/Tipping the Lion/The Bit/Honey Bucket/Revolve/Hooch/Night Goat/Unknown/mombius Hibachi/

P.S. Melvins in-store performances along this tour will be announced shortly. *Buzz says, "We're gonna try to do a couple of in-stores along this route as well...if the boys are willing, and hopefully some solo Melvins dates will happen after Boston to bring 'em back across the country to home".

Here are the Altamont/Acid King tour dates.� There may be another show added in Seattle, but no details yet.� There will also be an Altamont-only show in S.F. too, but no confirmed news on that either.

Portland, OR - EJ's 10/09/97 Seattle, WA - Sit & Spin 10/??/97 San Jose, CA -Cactus Club 10/15/97 Los Angeles, CA -AL's Bar 10/17/97 Anaheim, CA -Doll Hut 10/18/97 (end of altamont tour)

Fall 1997 European Tour

Melvins left for Europe???

Amazing Grace/It's Shoved (intro with conspiracy theory talking)/It's Shoved/Bar X The Rocking M/Interstellar Overdrive/Magic Pig Detective/Lizzy/Antitoxidote/Tipping The Lion/The Bloat/The Bit/Honey Bucket/Revolve/Hooch/Noise Jam/?Unknown?/Night Goat (Intro)/With Teeth/ Mombius Hibachi/Sacrifice/