Melvins Tour Dates 1998

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??, ?? -?? 01/14/98 w/Helmet Los Angeles, CA. -Los Angeles Palladium 03/26/98 w/Tool Los Angeles, CA. -Los Angeles Palladium 03/27/98 w/Tool Phoenix, AZ. -Phoenix Civic Center 03/28/98 w/Tool San Diego, CA. -RaMac Gym 03/29/98 w/Tool

Alamont Show San Francisco CA -CW Saloon 5/19/98

Melvins Show San Francisco CA -Slim's 6/16/98 w/Impaled and Maladiction

Fatomas Show (Buzz's band with ex-lead singer of Faith No More) San Francisco CA -Slim's 6/18/98 San Francisco CA -Slim's 6/21/98

Melvins Show Riverside, CA -Barn 06/24/98 San Diego, CA -Casbah 06/25/98 w/Inch Goat Snake

Fatomas Show New York, NY -The Knitting Factory 7/01/98 New York, NY -The Knitting Factory 7/02/98

Here are the Melvins/OzzFest tour dates/Melvins w/Tool dates. Holmdel, NJ -PNC Arts Center 7/03/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage NYC, NY -Noise Gallery 7/04/98 Melvins art show. Buzz and Dale both attended. Holmdel, NJ -PNC Arts Center 7/05/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Boston, MA -Great Woods 7/07/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage TBA, TBA -TBA 7/08/98 w/Tool

Portland, MA -Bull Moose Records 07/08/98 35mins. Buzzo Interviewed/Second Coming/Ballad of Dwight Fry/Tipping the Lion/Sacrifice/Five (Dale Vocals)/

Hershey, PA -Hershey Stadium 07/09/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Camden, NJ -Entertainment Center 07/11/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Pittsburg, PA -Coca Cola Star Lake 07/12/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Morrison, CO -Red Rocks Ampitheatre 07/13/98 w/Tool Akron, OH -Rubber Bowl 07/14/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Indianapolis, IN -Deer Creek 07/16/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage

Alpine Valley near Madison, WI -?? 7/17/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage noise/revolve/

Sommerset, WI -Sommerset 07/18/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Tipping The Lion/Night Goat/Youth Of America/

Columbus, OH -Polaris Amphitheater 7/21/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Toledo, OH -Wings Stadium 7/22/98 w/Tool Detroit, MI -Pine Knob 7/23/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Kansas City, KS -Sandstone Amphitheater 7/26/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Orlando,FL -Central Florida Fairgrounds 07/29/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage West Palm Beach, FL -Coral Sky Amphitheater 07/30/98 Ozzfest - 2nd stage

Raleigh, NC -Walnut Creek Amphitheater 08/01/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Green Manalashi/Youth of America/Eye Flys/Boris/Lovely Butterfly/Tipping the Lion/WithTeeth/Sacrifice(a little person played drums on this)

Washington DC -Nissan Pavilion 08/02/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage New Orleans, LA -UNO Arena 08/07/98 Ozzfest -2nd stage Houston, TX -Astro Arena 08/08/98 w/Tool New Orleans, LA -Uno Arena 08/09/98 w/Tool ??, OK -Travel & Transportation Building 08/11/98 w/Tool Portland, OR -Memorial Coliseum 08/21/98 w/Tool

Seattle, WA -Mercer Arena 08/23/98 w/Tool Youth of America(Wipers song)/ What else?

Medford, ?? -Medford Armory 08/24/98 w/Tool

Sacramento, CA -?? 08/25/98 (Melvins did not play this evening but Buzz joined Tool on stage at their show).

Santa Barbara, CA -County Bowl 08/27/98 w/Tool W .Hollywood, CA -Troubador 09/01/98 five (throbbing gristle cover)/ what else?

Fantomas Shows Vancouver, B.C -Starfish Room 10/17/98 Seattle, WA -RCKNDY 10/18/98 Portland, OR -Zoot Suite 10/19/98 Eugene, OR -Wow Hall 10/20/98 San Francisco, CA -Slim's 10/22/98 W .Hollywood, CA -Troubador 10/23/98 Santa Barbara, CA -The Coach House 10/24/98 San Diego CA -The Casbah 10/25/98 Phoenix, AZ -The Mason Jar 10/26/98 Albuquerque, NM -The Launchpad 10/27/98 Dallas, TX -Galaxy Club 10/29/98 Houston, TX -Fitzgerald's 10/30/98 Austin, TX -The Electric Lounge 10/31/98

Altamont Shows Santa Cruz, CA -Palookaville 10/16/98 w/BLACK OAK ARKANSAS San Francisco, CA -Crocodrie 10/17/98 w/BLACK OAK ARKANSAS San Francisco, CA -?? 11/17/98 w/Honky Portland, OR -?? 11/20/98 w/Honky Seattle, WA -?? 11/21/98 w/HONKY

Melvins Cupertino, CA -Club Mangler 12/13/98