Milk*Sop Zine Summer 1994

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From Milk*Sop Zine, sent to the Melvins list way back when. Its from just before Stoner Witch came out., this has a ton of spelling errors in it so hold on tight, it's a wild ride...

the b's are for buzzo, the d's in this interview stand for mark Deutrom. NOT dale. ·m" is for the interviewer, Mike.

B: WELL, what do you want to know? We’re willing to answer all questions. M: o.k. first a couple of guest questions. Mark from fore skin 500 would like to know. Did you used to hang out with stoner witches?

(laughs). Tell him I know stoner witches well

M: he’d also like to know, what’s the deal with your Gibson sponsor- ship?

B: whats the deal with it? The deal is they give me a free guitar. And that’s all I cared about (laughs) one free guitar of my choice. I got a les Paul custom. Black with gold hardware. 22 hundred dollars list. I think. For free!

M: did you get rid of your Ibanez?

B: yeah I still got it

M: that’s a terrible guitar!

B: you don’t like that Ibanez guitar they sound really good, i've played that live a few times, I don’t mind those at all. Those dudes do good work. I just think they’re not run very well. They built the guitar for me, and they screwed it all up so...

M: o.k... Another question, Calvin (halo benders/beat happening/k) would like to know if you have any good stories about some theatre in Montesano. Owned by some beatnik guy from Montesano?

B: none that I know of. I dent know of a theatre hall in Montesano...he must be mistaken...Aberdeen maybe?

M: no, he said Montesano

B: not unless he knows something I don’t, I haven’t lived there for like 10 years

M: he also wanted to know if you like go-karts

B: yes. Yes id do...someone told me Calvin was mad at me or something

M: he didn’t seem like it. But I heard from somewhere that you guys didn’t really get along

B: he has no reason to be mad at US...that’s all ill say

m:whats up with that amrep record you have coming outl

b:it's coming out the 5th of august i believe, its a real insane stupid record, we just wanted to put out a rediculious record, and amrep a said. its a perfect record for us to put out if we want to alienate every fan we have..theres something to be said for that.

m:do you have any good rush stories?

b:rush..rush were the finest most professional band weve ever worked with, I'm not really into their music. but as far as a band on that level, they were the coolest, totally cool TOTALLY cool. wave worked with so many amaturish dickheads. they were the nicest, most pro. most down to earth, most helpful...a fine bunch of canadian gentleman

d:they are

b:it almost gives me hope far canada

m:were you guys already friends with primus before you went on tour with them?

b:weve NEVER been friends with primus...!!

m:well since theyre from s.f...

b:i wouldnt go so far as to say our relationship is a FRIENDSHIP. were not enemies. but were certainly not friends either.

d:it was a happy coincidence of buisness. and thats about it.

b:happy's streatching it

d:i meant that we were happy with the coincidence of business


m:so your new album is going to be called stoner witches?

b:'stoner witch· (note the Warlock Pinchers lp, where they say "the Stoner Witches have entered the building", they got the line from buzz, and it means what it sounds like..i'm sure you've known or even dated some of 'em in your time...mike)

m:whats it going to be like?

b:be like?

m:well. compared to all your other ones..

b:darker· but more acceesable..·i think its a good record i smell gold on this onel(laughes) ive never worked harder on a record in my life

d:i smell SOMETHING on it

b:i smell something on it, and it may be gold!

m:so was it your goal to make it more accessable, or did it just happen?

b:well. its DARKER..but more accessable. i think it kind of bat balances it out

d:its accessable darkness

m:(jokingly) it it scarry?

b:pretty much anything we do is scarry! some level

m:who produced it?

b:gggarth, engeneered by Joe barici (sp?)

m:do you guys really get toasters everytime you play a show?


d:whats a toaster?

b:weve never gotten a toaster

m:it was on your rider!

b:a toaster??

mackie osebourne:a toaster to go with the waffels!!

d:well if you have waffles you need something to toast em in.dontcha? we put coffee and tea on a rider. and they put a jar of coffee, and some tea bags with no hot water. so then you have to guess ahead, and put kettle also

b:with those riders you have to shoot high, and hope to get some of it

d:not everyone draws the connection between the tea bag and a cup of hot water

m:do you have any horror stories playing all those big arena shows?

b:we loved it! we loved playing big arena shous, it Ms fun, its exiting playing a big place

d:it was a great pleasure to loose our arena rock virginity. and we cant Mit to get back

b:we love playing arena level rock

d:we are arena level friendly

b:we're purina friendly!

m:also what have you guys been doing with your time off?

b:well, weve been recording the new record, we had a month or so off . then we started rehearsing, then we recorded for three weeks, and we just got done last week, weve been keeping ourselves pretty busy

m:well, besides music, what do you do? just go out and spend cash?

b:(starts whistling· and twiddling his thumbs)

d:a lot of this- "whats on tonight?" whats on tonight?"

b:watch eatl (pats his belly) i really dont have as much money as people might think

d:he has more!!

b:my collective worth at this point is about...3 thousand dollars

d:jesus!! you've got more than me!!

b:that includes what u we luat got (for playing)

m:how mud? more are you making on atlantic than boner?

b:well, on this recording. 1 will make a grand total of about 4 thousand dollars..maybe..thts for myself. my cut

m:thats better than what toms giving you?

d:different. its not better. its different

b:that was much more hand to mouth. this is more..hand to store to refridgerator to mouth

d:id say its the difference between a little marker that says "here lies..hlah.blah.blahe, and the lincoln memorial. (laughter)

b:things get done on a bigger scale at atlantic, things are more difficult, its a new set of problems, but its a DIFFERENT set of problems.

d:its a challenge

b:what's the worst that can happen, were going to get dumped? gee. i guess that vonld put me out of business, ill continue making records for somebody. we were doing this before we got signed to atlantic, i dent know why that would stop happening.

m:i heard KRK bought the original paintings from the solo records

b:yeah, he did..i live in l.a.. and i havent seen him since i lived here..i dent know what he may have something to do with hard liquor

m:how much did he pay for them?

b:no idea..that guy(who painted the covers)..we played his birthday party. he paints them. then he takes them and sells them..gee thanks..he probably sold them for 1,000 bucks a piece..did he give us any of that money? no..i hope he enjoys the fact that he sold those, cut he probably hasnt sold any other painting. and i hope he enjoys the fact that he sold those paintings because they're paintings of US. not any of that other shit he paints. all that other shit is just stacked in his house..artists can be a pain in the ass..well. i got to pack up the stuff

m:im out of questions anyway

b:i like your stylish hat ware (i was wearing a malvins hat)

m:well i sold some of our shirts tonite,

b:for 5 dollars!!

m:yeah well. the ink wears off after a few washes, just like my warlock pinchers shirt

b:water soluable ink..well they sell nothing but QUALITY merchandice, anyway.