Neither Here Nor There (book)

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Neither Here Nor There, soft cover edition
Neither Here Nor There, hard cover edition
Neither Here Nor There, soft cover edition

Neither Here Nor There - book - released 2004

  • 228 page book with CD - Ipecac Recordings - IPC 047
    • edit. ??? Hardcover
    • edit. ??? Softcover

This book was released to help commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Melvins, it is a 228-page coffee table book full of art and writings from friends of the band. It is available in softcover and a limited edition hardcover, and also comes with a retrospective CD with tracks from all of the melvins releases up to that point and then some. Hardcover editions were signed by Buzz, Dale, and Kevin.

Track Listing

  1. Bar-X the Rocking M
  2. Night Goat (AmRep CD Single 1992)
  4. The Fool The Meddling Idiot
  5. Revolve
  6. Colossus of Destiny (30 second Snippet)
  7. Manky (Bass intro is edited down a bit)
  8. Oven
  9. With Teeth
  10. If You Get Bored (K records Let's Together comp 1984)
  11. Let It All Be
  12. Boris
  13. Forgotten Principles (Mangled Demos from 1983 same as Singles 1-12)
  14. Prick (first 30 secnds of Roll Another One)
  15. Mombius Hibachi
  16. At a Crawl (Let's Kiss K Records comp 1984)
  17. Hooch
  18. Eye Flies (after GPT version plays the full COD version)



"It is time to celebrate! The self proclaimed "greatest band in the history of music", the mighty MELVINS celebrate their 20th anniversary this March. Yes, believe it or not it was 20 years ago on March 9th 1984 in Olympia Washington, the very first Melvins show. To celebrate we are releasing a very special coffee table book called "NEITHER HERE,NOR THERE" on March 2nd. This is an amazing retrospective highlighting artwork from their releases, ruminations from the band and their friends and a CD compilation featuring tracks from all their releases only available in this book.

As if this was not enough, the Melvins will be doing a mini celebration tour on the west coast of the US. Dates are posted in the calendar section now. At these shows you will be able to buy a special, limited edition, overpriced, hardcover, version of the book. Join the party!!!!! How many other rock bands have survived 20 years and are still relevant? Just to answer a couple popular questions.

  1. the paperback version of the upcoming Melvins book (including CD retrospective) will indeed be available at cool record stores worldwide.
  2. the hardcover limited version will be available only at Melvins shows and at our webstore."

"The long anticipated, beautiful book, NEITHER HERE,NOR THERE is out tomorrow. Look for or ask for the paperback version at cool record or bookstores. Or order the super suave hardcover autographed version from our website for $65 starting tomorrow. The book is jammed with stories, photos and award winning artwork. Both versions include a Cd retrospective available nowhere else. A coffee table book unlike any other, documenting the self proclaimed greatest band in the history of music."

Promoting the 20th Anniversary book on his website, HAZEXXL (Tom Hazelmyer) had this to say about it:

"... the book is an amazing graphic piece that includes gobs of Melvins stuff as well as top notch art from tons of amazing folks (Obey Giant, Dalek, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup, etc etc)."

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