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*[[Big Business]]
*[[Big Business]]
*[[PORN(The Men Of)]]
*[[PORN (The Men Of)]]

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South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground

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Taken from a post i made to themelvins.net/forum:

Begin Quote: "holy holy holy shit.

i apologize if this entire thing is a series of short and manic sentences:
just got home. can't hear Anything. ('cept this interesting high-pitched whirr.) wow. that was so fucking good. jared and coady's liveliness is very refreshing i think. i was so goddamn close. closer than every before. i could touch the bass drums and buzz was so in front of me that he was behind me. i might have even been backstage.
the new songs sound totally awesome live and definitely stick out as something new in melvins-land. the old songs were better than ever before and the pit started on revolve. when it got a little rougher Jared looked down at me and i made eye contact and he kinda widened his eyes and smiled and shrugged a bit as if to say, "eh, sorry man, we're just making the most amazing noise up here and can't help if it whips (the) human animal into a primal frenzy. but i'm glad to see you are thoroughly enjoying yourself and now i'll get back to playing so you can listen"
oh. Glen: when moss was checking out his pedals i said, "Glen says hi..." he goes, "glen, eh?" i elaborate, "the guy who made these shirts," as i tug on my shirt." he says, "OH yea. cool. yea, that's the ugliest one!" as he points to mine. i say "WHAT?!" he confirms, "no man...i'm kidding. they're beautiful. really beautiful." then Men of Porn played. yes that's right. they did.
in all honesty, i thought they were just a Bit sloppy. dale missed a few beats and his mini-solos seemed....half-hearted maybe? to be honest again, i was slightly frightened that age was getting to him and affecting his live drumming. JESUS was i wrong! the melvins set confirmed this.
Ghostdigital was actually really great! ...for 10 minutes. after a little while i got VERY tired of it. but for a little while i did enjoy it.
Big Business Owned. Coady's drumming completely AWED me. he is powerful as hell and energetic and fast and really entertaining to look at. my mouth was shifting between gaping open and grinning wildly. very very talented drummer. i can't stress it enough. together they were great and Jared's voice sounds really good live. (more on this later) dale's guitar work was really enjoyable. i thought it would be weirder to see him play guitar but it wasn't. he played many a solo about 5 inches from my face.

and the melvins. oh LORD the melvins. they started with the military-like marching beat and jabbing guitar riff (buzz's guitar was very very quiet in the beginning. it made me a little sad). as they were playing the drum-only intro the crowd started chanting USA USA USA. which i thought was VERY odd. then jared says, "this is a song about patriotism!" and they begin. and they don't fucking stop. EVER...... or so i wish. I swear i came incredibily during Talking Horse. it was surreal. the mini-houdini section sounded really good and wiggly and moving and energetic as it should have. Oven was mindblowing. there was plenty of space for fancy drum battles in between chuga-chugas, which was very cool. After this was the Senile Animal exposition, which was totally unmelviny in a fantastic way. they played the album. simple as that. it was like i put the middle of the album on and turned the volume up to 'MAKE YOUR LIFE EXPLODE' level (which i am never able to find on the dial at home....). they linked all the songs and it rocked my body body. i noticed one of the roadies watching me as i grooved and banged to every single note in sublime precision. i think he was wondering how the fuck i knew the songs inside and out. The old stuff was really intense. the crowd really started to get riled up when they began to recognize the songs and the drunker of the bunch filtered to the front to breathe and lean on me and generally be gross and violent. this was fine though because by this point i was so fucking lost in the wall of noise the i almost welcomed their churning bodies as a facilitator to my own gyrations. (???) The bit = wow. revolve = wow too. everything was great. as i was standing there i resolved to see another show on this tour. i thought that there is no possible way that i am going to wait another year or more to experience this again. it's so entertaining to watch buzz. he is creepy as hell and he gets so wrapped up in what he is doing. you can see that so much of this is his creation. he just oozes around and makes these wild expressions and rocks the fuck out in his combat boots. i really can't even begin to comment on dale and coady. i have never experienced anything like that at all. for someone who enjoys the drums the most during melvins concerts, this treat was perfect. i don't think i could have asked for a better experience tonight. i got the feeling that this is why i live. there REALLY IS nothing better than going to a melvins concert. ...granted, it's been a little while since i've "gotten some" as they say, but i don't think even sex (which is usually considered the most enjoyable human experience, right??) can come anywhere near comparing to the heavenly bounty that was bestowed, nay, REIGNED down on me tonight. i am going to suffer some serious withdrawal when they leave the north east entirely and i know for sure that i won't see them again till next year (hopefully even then!). there is a glimmer of hope that i will travel to see them this weekend.
a few minor complaints: maybe it was my positioning, but i the sound wasn't really clear. that is to say, i couldn't hear buzz's voice too well, the guitar sounded like a big fuzzball/muckheap, and the drums overpowered. now understand, this wasn't bad for me at all. since i knew every goddamned note in every verse chorus verse chorus solo chorus outro, i could recognize everything perfectly well, but i think uninitiated listeners would have heard a lot of incoherent noise at times.
another thing was that the vocal harmonizing didn't sound as...harmonious in the live setting. it seemed like maybe they were a bit off at times.
the last complaint was that there was too much crap before the melvins. not that the openers were "crap", they were fine, but anything that isn't melvins before a melvins concert just makes me anxious and slightly perturbed. i enjoyed them, but wanted them to be over.
someone videotaped it. i gave him my email address. he told me not to put it on my website or give it to anyone IF he sends me a copy. i thought that was a little strange but i do have to honor his wishes. i hope he gets in touch with me because i think i would be in most of the shots and it would be an excellent thing to have for my own memories of highlights-of-my-life-days. i guess this would be the first one on tape so far.
the melvins aren't a relationship. they aren't a job. they aren't a family. the melvins aren't anything like the myriad things that can make a human happy. they don't demand anything at all from you (money, perhaps?). they have the ability to elevate your pleasure higher than ANYTHING on the planet [that i've experienced], and the enjoyment is pure and unthreatened. regarding the live show, you don't have to wonder, are the melvins going to cheat on me or break up with me suddenly? are the melvins going to walk off the stage mid-Oven? a melvins [/i]concert[i] is a secure and welcoming atmosphere of divine enjoyment.
the saddest thing that i can think of right now is that the melvins will one day be no more. even typing that sentence out saddens me. some album will be the last album and the back-catalogue will be all that we will ever have left to explore. i almost hope that i lose interest in them before that happens. i don't want to care as much as i do right now when that day comes. i wouldn't handle that well.

for merchandise: they had tonight's poster (signed) for 15. past and future posters for 10? 5? i forget. a bunch of cd's i already own (including ASA). some gigantic t-shirts. the large-size Qee bears...maybe some other stuff that i forgot and 'other-band' stuff. if you want something, TALK TO THE MERCH GUY. i asked him about what they have as far as vinyl and he whipped out a box of stuff. a few singles 1-12 records for 40. night goat for 50. a whole shitload of h.a.t. singles (which he referred to as the "beginners" vinyls.) some other ones perhaps. there was also a copy of jello and the melvins on vinyl which was fully autographed, including Adam Jones. he said there was a 45 in the package as well. the sharpie signatures looked a bit rubbed off. he said that he would try to find out later if there was any more vinyl out in the car. he said buzz always surprises him in the vinyl box and there could be more outside. about 10 minutes after i bought a poster i looked over at the table and he had the paper wights/pins with the rotten teeth, candy corn, bugs and pills in them. i went back over and bought one of the smaller ones for 5 bucks. it's got a tooth in it and the background says melvins on top with a Skull and get this: Candy-canes -not crossbones- underneath. as i was walking out at the end i saw some people walking away with stickers, so i guess they have those in there too. i wanted one but the line was too long so i just told myself "you'll get one in Connecticut" ...haha. now i really have to go.
so the moral of the merchandise story is, if you want something, ask the guy. he's got secret stuff back there that he doesn't show for some reason or another.....

i don't know if there is much else to say. i already wrote a fucking novel about this night. i thought i'd post a few lines and collapse but my ever-present obsession with detail, completeness, and communication of all of my knowledge to similarly-minded people won out tonight. if i remember anything else i'll post it here in the future.

also: took pictures (every fucking one is blurry). will post the pictures of the show and pictures of the paper weight and poster tomorrow or some time after.

goodnight! GO SEE THIS TOUR. i sincerely apologize and feel sorry for anyone who for some reason or another cannot see the melvins on this tour. sincerely isn't even a strong enough word. it makes me sad that everyone here can't (or hasn't ever) have this experience. it also makes me think that anyone who can't see them where they live needs to get on a fucking plane and go to somewhere where they are playing. it WILL change your life.
End Quote

-Vinney Cavallo. October 10, 2006.

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