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Cambridge, MA - Middle East Downstairs

Show Lineup



  • David Scott Stone performed bass during this show.
  • The Melvins did a set, and then Jello Biafra came out and they instantly went into the Jello Biafra with the Melvins set. All three Melvins adorned black skimasks during this portion of the night.


I drove down from Burlington Vermont to see this show with my then-roommate. He worked for the radio station at our college. another friend of ours (and radio station employee) was in some kind of communication with some people from the melvins (possibly Tim Moss), and they/he basically suggested that we interview them at this show. Curt and I drove down early because we were supposed to do it before the show started. We were told that we couldn't do it before and that we'd have to do it afterwards.
After an amazing show, buzz came out and met us at the bar. I gave him an Icebot toy because i know he collects things like this. I also presented him some Cracker Barrel cheese that i bought on the way down because i heard that the melvins like it. This is apparently a rumor.
the interview went very well. Buzz was incredibly jovial and talkative, leading the conversation in all sorts of interesting directions. i sort of got the impression that he enjoyed being interviewed by an actual fan that listened to the music religiously as opposed to some press-idiot that talks about nirvana constantly. the interview was recorded onto VHS and as soon as i can get it transferred to digital format i will be posting it somewhere on the internet and will provide a link here and elsewhere.
after the interview, buzz signed some vinyl that i brought as well as a "Prick" shirt that i made a few years back. i told him that i wore it to This concert when he came out and apologized that we couldn't get in. he claimed to remember the incident but i suspect he was just telling me so to make me happy. as we were leaving i saw dale and told him they were great tonight. he offered to sign stuff and then he offered some drumsticks. i didn't even ask. the melvins are a fine bunch of guys.
I think i got back to Vermont late that night/early the next morning-just in time for class...

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