Pink Bat

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"Pink Bat" (Osborne/Lustmord) – 6:32

Originally from Pigs Of The Roman Empire with Lustmord, 2004.


My batteries are low. please change my Triple A batteries.

Peace sign be a time be a part of the grind.

And If I'm gonna say it with a hole in the bottom what
I want said I really want it in line

even though Dear God She just wanna blend

be a max Take ball of wax of backs until it comin
from our hand.

Can I foresee the dimes a cross and the ceiling
there’s a Boner on the horse you wish I ride.

Now I pulled into line to do see (she?) do pulled by
for a look for a little bit of light
see the boss cause he’s gonna ride my mind
she’s gone tonight

be enforced with the rack cause she’s goin to dododo
to the peni for the petal in the eyes.

That is right Mr. Cool
I don’t listen to you

motor mouth talkin shit when your livin up the the
corpse of a body of a simian that is dead
and the crime for eternal

and his soul is hole in my mind that I leave with a
fore and it’s a forehead traction too blue site feel
full and a bullet for the real..

She’ll get it sail

Look-into to rip your mind out

The big sail
Rip your tail
We’re drivin in an no wind

What you find
what you need

All you wanna do is shit and breed

"a tea bag ha ha ha"