September 13, 2008

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Poster by John Howard

Hamburg - Uebel & Gefährlich Sept 13, 08

Show Lineup

Big Business Setlist

  1. Hands Up
  2. Start Your Digging
  3. Cats, Mice
  4. New song
  5. Grounds For Divorce
  6. Just As The Day Was Dawning
  7. The Drift

Melvins Setlist

  1. Nude With Boots
  2. Dog Island
  3. Dies Iraea
  4. Civilized Worm
  5. The Kicking Machine
  6. Eye Flys
  7. Suicide In Progress
  8. Billy Fish
  9. Tipping The Lion
  10. Honey Bucket
  11. Blood Witch
  12. Rat Faced Granny
  13. The Hawk
  14. You've Never Been Right
  15. My Generation
  16. A History Of Bad Men
  17. Star Spangled Banner
  18. Boris


Photos from flickr:

Tim Moss Porn Hamburg.jpg
Porn Hamburg 2008.jpg
2Porn Hamburg 2008.jpg
Tim Moss noise Hamburg.jpg
Dale hamburg.jpg
Big Biz Hamburg.jpg
Jared Warrn Hamburg 2008.jpg
Dale and the biz hamburg.jpg
Dale big biz hamburg3.jpg
Dale big biz hamburg2.jpg
Jared hamburg.jpg
Big biz hamb.jpg
Dale hamburggg.jpg
Coady hamburg.jpg
Jared hamburrrg.jpg


Smoking in the venue was not allowed by the band's request.

Videos from the show:


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