Sky Pup

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"Sky Pup" (Melvins) – 3:50

Originally released on Houdini, 1993.


Next time you gimme your gaze

Think about mork sinny goal

That tricky grass for me

Aw, T.V. you're in my nose

Oh, baby, baby, big red bally

Ain't it just a big ol' ball?

My baby, you're not crazy

Might be you're lone

-cough cough-


Come on, gimme a drag

Bambino, see your diamond landing

Well baby, you're not so mean

Tell you like a horny nuclear

This damn baby, she wants my skillo

Hawk sooner I'm a witness

You like, like...hog

Lazy bread in your cocktail

Kurt mazy you're not bad

My only dude you are my best friend

She's cat damned

Damn, damned easy

My head's a big smile