Star Spangled Banner (single)

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Amphetamine Reptile Scale 114 front cover
Amphetamine Reptile Scale 114 back cover

Star Spangled Banner 7" - released December 13, 2008

Cover by HAZE XXL

This 7" released by Amphetamine Reptile Records was put together in conjunction with two nights of Buzz bartending at Grumpy's (12/13/2008, Roseville, MN & 12/14/2008 Minneapolis, MN), and a show at the Roseville, MN Grumpy's location on December 14, 2008.

Here is the info from amrep: Newest Melvins / AmRep collaboration. 2 studio songs. The acapella version of Star Spangled Banner they performed during their 2008 tour, and another studio track, this being a ripping version of Kiss' "Detroit Rock City". Limited Edition of 666, on vinyl only.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Star Spangled Banner (1:24)
  • B Side
  1. Detroit Rock City (3:48)