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Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 front cover
Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 back cover
Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 LE2 0QS front cover
Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 LE2 0QS back cover

Tanx/Tanks Bootleg 7" - released 1991

  1. Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 LE2 0QS black wax blue cover
  2. Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 #006/EP2 black wax pink cover
  3. Powerfist Rec P.F.-41302 CRO-MO black wax pink cover (black and red center label) (re-release)

These songs were recorded on 11.5.91 on B.B.C. radio for the John Peel Sessions. A Flipper song "Way Of The World" was also recorded at these sessions but was left off the 7". The track listing of the 7" is not listed in the correct order: Side A contains Leech and Theme; Side B Euthanasia. Unlike the rendition on Gluey Porch Treatments, "Leech" gets the same treatment here that it got when performed in concert with the extra lyrics/vocals at the end. Here also is a really cool version of "Theme", originally by bass player Lori Black's former band Clown Alley, who also featured Ozma producer and future Melvins bassist Mark Deutrom. Last but not least is a slowed down, heavier version of "Euthanasia" that appeared on Vol. 5 of the "Dope-Guns-'N Fucking in the Streets" compilation put out on Amphetamine Reptile Records. As with all Peel Session studio recordings, sound quality is excellent.

Track Listing (as per sleeve)

  • A Side
  1. Leech (Green River Cover) (3:30)
  • B Side
  1. Euthanasia (3:15)
  2. Theme (Clown Alley Cover) (3:54)


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