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Usage summary:

| show_date = 
| image = 
| image_artist = 
| city_state = 
| venue = 
| lineup = 


Type Description
show_date The date, in Month ##, #### format.
image An image of the show, poster art, or generic Melvins photo.
image_artist Caption for the image above. Credit artist, photographer, whoever if possible.
city_state The city the show was performed in. Spell out the state name if possible. For other countries, if there is no state, a replacement or the country can be used.
venue Venue of the show.
lineup Other bands that performed during the show, hopefully in order, with the headliner first and second headliner underneath and so forth. Italicize the Melvins, and link to openers.


  • Don't link to show date, since this is the page that would link to.
  • Most fields are optional and the row will simply be omitted if no data is supplied.