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Mother made man<br>
Mother made man<br>
And you're so crazy<br>
And you're so crazy<br>
And they would say we're sane<br>
And they would say the same<br>
Kneel beside the blood
Kneel beside the blood

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"The Mechanical Bride" – 6:26

Originally released on (A) Senile Animal, 2006.


We are undone
And all I could see
They listen to the world
They live upon the earth

Mother made man
And you're so crazy
And they would say the same
Kneel beside the blood

We are undone
Somewhere no one
As soon as it was born
Did love of where he stood

No lamb will live
And underrate this
We're staring at the sun
As many as I love

No water and a lie
Covered it over
No power in the house
And with it, they do harm

I can believe
That you're so crazy
And welcome to the end
You wish you were alone