April 16, 2000

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This was the tour they played with no opener and Dave Scott Stone playing second guitar and added effects. During the first set the band was awfully chatty, which is unusual for the Melvins who usually play in total silence in regards to the audience. This was also the first tour where the band wore mumus, which lead to some interesting banter and comments from the audience. At one point Buzz said he heard someone from the audience say they look like a bunch of homos, to which Dale replied "only a man knows what a man needs," which got a big laugh. Buzz also told a joke about Billy Corgan's mom and Courtney Love and a strap-on, which I don't remember all of right now but was really funny. At the end of the first set they played Smells Like Teen Spirit and brought up a member of the audience who was wearing a Nirvana shirt to sing it, but either he was too shy or he didn't know the words and the crowd sang it louder (and better) than he did. The second set started with David playing that wire with a contact mic and was pretty noisy but awesome, at which point I gave Buzz a flipbook I made back in art school featuring Melvins album artwork. Pretty early in this set there was a technical issue so the band chatted some more before going into Revolve. The second set was pretty good, but I wish they played more full songs instead of just snippets. Small quibble, as it's probably the only time I'll hear We Reach and Leech live.