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Big Business are a bass and drum duo currently signed to Hydra Head Records. Originally from the Seattle area, the band relocated to Los Angeles in February, 2006.

The band is composed of Jared Warren (bass/vocals) of Karp, Tight Bros From Way Back When and The Whip, and Coady Willis (drums) of Murder City Devils & Dead Low Tide.

Big Business are the latest members of the Melvins. Jared Warren plays bass and Coady Willis plays drums along with Dale Crover.

Big Business Discography

Album Cover Date of Release Title Label Catalog Number
2004 Tour EP I Wäntage USA
Jan 25, 2005 Head For The Shallow Hydra Head Records 62155
2006 Tour EP II Wäntage USA
Mar 6, 2007 Here Come the Waterworks Hydra Head Records 62307

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