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Diagram thanks to Nick Folsom

Dale Crover CYMBALS according to Paiste:
Dale Crover's setup on Paiste.com

  • 2002 24" Ride
  • 2002 22" Ride
  • 2002 22" China (custom)
  • 2002 19" Crash
  • 2002 15" Sound Edge Hi-Hat
  • Signature 13" Mega Cup Chime
  • 2002 08" Splash
  • Noiseworks 12"/16" Trash Set

Artstar Custom Tama Drums
Dale Crover's setup on Tama.com
Artstar Custom

  • 16"x26" Bass Drum
  • 8"x14" Snare Drum
  • 16"x18" Tom Tom
  • 18"x20" Floor Tom
  • 14"x20" Gong Bass
  • Zildjian Bell(Very Large Bell about the size of an eating bowl)

From an interview at drummerszone.com

I've been playing Tama drums for a while. I have an endorsement, and they made me a drum set five or six years ago with a 26-inch kick, 16-inch rack, 24-inch floor tom, and a 20-inch gong bass drum. I have a couple of different snare drums brass and wood and they're all Artstar Customs. I also use an old 1948 Gretsch kit that's smaller 24, 13, and 16. I use that a lot for recording because it sounds great. With those three-ply shells, you hit the rack and the floor at the same time and it sounds like a chord, but if I play that too long and then go back to the big set, it's like driving a tank! I've gotten some stuff from Paiste I break a lot of cymbals, a couple per tour and I don't use crashes per se; everything's a crash. I also have a gong, and I try to use it as much as possible at least enough to make it worth taking on the road. I'm on my third gong now; I break those, too. The day after Kurt Cobain died, we had just come back from Europe and we were in Portland, Maine, and to make myself feel better I went out and bought a gong. That one's really beat now, but I finally bought a brand new one, a Paiste 32-inch.

Ollie said this about Dale's setup on the Winter 2003 Australian Tour:

Firstly, the biggest thing I noticed was that Dale, in his extremely flattering lace teddy, had a bigger kit than I've seen him use before. He had more than 2 toms - I wasn't paying attention to how many. To his right was what I'd call a gran casa, and what I'm guessing you refer to as the "gong bass". Notably, there was no bottom head on that. I didn't see the Ribbon crasher. That's not to say there wasn't one there. However, there was this wierd wooden seashell type thing. And the two things I'm really confident of: He had an 8-10" ice bell, situated slightly to the right of his kick, and he had this little 4" cymbal thing Just to the left of his right foot. That 4" thing didn't sound very good.

Jem had this to add to the same tour setup:

Ding Dong:

had a 14X8 wood finish snare (think it was Tama) Tama Starclassic (tequila sunrise finish) drums rented from Drumtek in these sizes:

24X18 Kick 16" rack tom 18X16 floor tom

he also had his gong bass drum (to his right) (20" i reckon) this is used for that awesome roll that brings the riff back in on The Bit One 2002 paiste Ride (22 or 24") that was his only ride. crash plates (uses a lot eg. Revolve verses) and some other strange percussive devices. Old cracked cymbals stacked on top of eachother above the gong bass also had a large bell (NOT ufip icebell, i think it was Zildjian) One crash and one trash. Hi hats had tambourine attached for most songs.

At the gigs with Fantomas he also hade a gong which he used to finish Roman dog bird/Hung Bunny