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Album Cover

This is a bootleg that the Melvins had nothing to do with. These were culled from an early recording circa 1984 making them some of earliest of all Melvins recordings. These songs show a much more hardcore punk edge, being faster and more aggressive. Lots of unreleased material on this disc. Released on the Piss Boner imprint. Most of this was later released officially on Mangled Demos from 1983.

'Pissing in the Wind', the Melvins' old Fan Club newsletter, talked a bit about these songs saying that they were going to be officially released; this of course took longer than expected to happen. " This little label called Gasatanka, run by the infamous Pat Fear, is going to be releasing a CD of the Melvins' first line-up, with Buzzo and Mike Dillard, the original drummer, and Matt Lukin of Mudhoney fame, called Mangled Demos From 1983. Look for it in your local underground record store. Good luck finding it."

Track Listing

  1. Forgotten Principles
  2. I Don't Need Your Money
  3. Bang My Head
  4. I Never Knew
  5. Snake Appeal
  6. Never The Same
  7. Give Up
  8. Set Me Straight
  9. Again
  10. Scared
  11. Blessing The Operation
  12. Grinding Process
  13. She Waits
  14. Easy As It Was
  15. Now A Limo
  16. Grinding Process (Alternate Version)


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