Here She Comes Now/Venus in Furs

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"Here She Comes Now"/"Venus in Furs" is a split 7" single with Nirvana, released in June 1991.

Tri-Fold Sleeve, Communion Label (Comm 23)

Both tracks are Velvet Underground covers, and the cover art parodies the album cover art from which the tracks first appeared: the Melvins-side resembles the cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico and the Nirvana-side resembles White Light/White Heat, both from 1967.

The single was limited to 1000 copies and was available in 8 different colors.

There are most likely just 1000 total copies, but I've read something that makes it seem like there could be 1000 copies of each color. Available colors include: black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, red and yellow. Additional colors have also been pressed, including orange which may have been given to the band members, and many transitional colors can be found. There are counterfeits of this available as well that are black vinyl, I think they came out of Australia.

Track listing

  1. Nirvana: "Here She Comes Now" (Cale/Morrison/Reed/Tucker)
  2. Melvins: "Venus In Furs" (Reed)


Buzz - Guitar Lorax - Bass Dale - Drums

Liner Notes

(inside of sleeve)

ThE MeLvins wEre a dArk stAr iN tHe giddy pop FiRmaMent oF thE AbERdEEN EiGhtiES. OVer thE course oF thEir frustRAtiNG 10 YEaR CAReeR, thE MeLviNS' BRiLLiAncE WAs EcLipseD bY tHeir OLyMPia Art WorLD connEctioNs And thEir oWN uNcomPRomis-ing LyRical AnD MusicaL iNtEGRity: foR thE GEnERaL dirgE puBLic, tHEy nEVer QuitE camE iNto Focus. ThE MeLvins WerE a baND oF distiNcT Parts AnD theiR Music WAS oFtEN per-ceived iN piEces: bY soME as FaiLeD hard Rock, Black FLaG boHo posEY, or sheeR SabbAtH attAcK NoisE; bY othERS as PurE doPe and sex dePRAVitY.

The rAnGE oF aRtistic EFFects that distiNGuisHeD NiRVanA's Music rEFLectED thE bAND's VoLatilE PoLYGLot makE-up. KuRDt KoBaiN, thE baND's cHiEF soNG- WRitER And singer (aNd a GuitArist oF raW PRoteaN PoWER), WAS a cLassicALLY tRainEd doPEr WitH tiES to stonErwitchES- a LoVeR oF evERYthiNG From PuNK RocK bus stops to A GooD PAcK oF butts. ChRis NoVatAcoMa, tHE YuGoslavic bAssist, haD stRoNG coNNEctions to thE SEattLe avAnt-GArdE. ThE stoRY oF hoW this RadicALLY DisParatE cREW CAmE toGEtHEr- iNtriGuingLY dEtaiLED iN thE booK Up ALL night: ThE abErdEEn UNdeRGrouNd StorY bY Matt LuKin - is as uNLikELY A cHRonicLE AS aNY iN thE anaLs of RocK.

- FErGus LatHam

ApRiL, 1991


  • Cover by the Big A on a theme by the little g
  • Nirvana appears courtesy of the Communion CD Heaven & Hell which I mastered this off of -- thanks to Alan at Imaginary
  • Melvins appear courtesy of the Sex God & Fuck You Records. Thanks to Jonathan Burnside at Razor's Edge for accepting $100 to record this
  • Nirvana was Kurdt, Chris & Chad for this

Now they're Kurdt, Chris & Dave

  • Melvins were Buzzo, Krovar & Lorax for this

Now they're Buzzo, Krovar & Joe Preston

  • A Communion Label project: Comm 23
  • Limited edition of ________ (how many can we sell)
  • Manufactured and distributed by:

Revolver USA

290-C Napoleon St.

S.F. California

94124 U.S.A.

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